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Spring has finally arrived to Copenhagen, and all open spaces are well filled with Copenhageners and tourists enjoying the weather. But if you have to go out for dinner, it can sometimes be difficult to find a restaurant in Copenhagen with outdoor seating. We are here to help with our list below consisting of 20 restaurants in Copenhagen with an outdoor seating area. In addition, in our app you can also search for restaurants with an outdoor area - easy, right?

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Fiskebaren, Kødbyen København.jpg

Perhaps the most popular restaurant in Kødbyen, Vesterbro. Not just a legendary restaurant, but a restaurant with a large and sunny (even in the evening) outdoor area in the middle of Kødbyen. And if you're looking for a party, you're already in the middle of it.

You will find Bar Pasta at two locations on Nørrebro - Griffenfeldsgade and Vedbækgade. Both addresses are located with a large outdoor seating area where you can enjoy the Danish summer sun while enjoying a selection of their delicious pasta dishes and matching wines.
Go to cosy Christianshavn and experience a completely different outdoor atmosphere at Lola. Their garden at Volden is definately worth a visit, with lots of different seating spaces. We would recommend you to book an hour on their pétanque court before dinner.

Norrlyst and Gemini have the same owners, and they also both have a fantastic outdoor area. You will find Norrlyst in Strædet in Inner Copenhagen - a cozy outdoor area in the middle of the vibrant city life. Gemini is set back behind the Planetarium with a view overlooking Skt. Jørgens Sø, if you want to have a little break from city life. You can enjoy both lunch and dinner at both locations.
In addition to the fact that at Bæst you will find some of the best pizzas in the world, you will also find a lot of outdoor seating. The location is on a cul-de-sac with the Empire cinema at the end and the popular beer bar, Brus, directly opposite, giving a good, festive atmosphere to your evening.

This popular Italian restaurant is located on Oehlenschlægergade 5. They have a small outside area, so hurry up and be the first to claim your table. Here you will find a fantastic atmosphere and a memorable dining experience.

Enjoy a Nordic gourmet experience in beautiful, historic surroundings at Fasangården in Frederiksberg Have. Their outdoor area opens in May, so now is the time to plan your next trip.
On a quiet side street to Smallegade in central Frederiksberg, you will find cozy Frederikshave with an even cozier court yard with plenty of seating. The cuisine is Scandinavian and it is definitely worth a visit.
Omar is an informal and cozy local restaurant in Nørrebro. It is very popular and it can be difficult to get a table. Fortunately, they also have a lot of outdoor seating, so stop by and hurry to get your table for a festive night.

With a corner location on Gammel Kongevej in Frederiksberg, this fantastic little restaurant doubles its seating capacity when the weather is good. Definitely worth a visit. Both for the food, the service and their outdoor area.  
Let's get back down to street level and give respect to Gaarden & Gaden's busy and noisy but fantastic outdoor area in the middle of Nørrebrogade. The perfect place to soak up a little Nørrebro atmosphere while eating and drinking well.

Gården og Gaden udeområde.png

BREDOIf you want to stay in Nørrebro but find something a little quieter, Bredo's outdoor area is just the thing for you. This does not mean that you will not get plenty of life and Nørrebro atmosphere here too. Because you do - and really good food and plenty of wine on the menu.

Another classic in Kødbyen, Vesterbro, is Paté Paté and their outdoor area is clearly worth mentioning. It is large and cosy, and with restaurants on all sides, you won't find much more life and atmosphere than here. 



Lively is also the word when it comes to Babylon. Not because it is surrounded by other restaurants. In fact, there is nowhere else nearby at all. The lively atmosphere creates the always well-visited place itself, with their large outdoor area overlooking Peblinge Sø. It doesn't get much better than that.

Housed in Noma's old premises in Christianshavn, Barr's outdoor area is almost as large as the inside. And then you also sit in the first row to the water, while you can enjoy some of the best food Denmark has to offer, if you ask us. 

You cannot write about the best outdoor areas in Copenhagen without mentioning Sticks'n'Sushi's two Tivoli restaurants - both with roof terraces. The one on the 12th floor of the Tivoli Hotel with a view of the city in almost all directions. The other in the center with a view of Tivoli Gardens to one side, and the Main Railway to the other.
Dumpo on Vesterbro is one of the newer restaurants in town and they quickly became one of the popular ones. They have a great outside seating area facing towards the popular and buzzing Sønder Boulevard.

On a side street to Nørrebrogade, you will find a fantastic spot at Yellow, where you can enjoy the evening sun over a dinner and drinks with good friends. When the sun has set and we approach the late evening hours, Yellow transforms into a lively cocktail bar.

Have we forgotten any? Of course. But let us know and we'll add them to the list. Email us your favorite restaurant with a large outdoor area. You can catch us at

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