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New Year's Eve is the one day of the year that most of us have planned a long time in advance. In this blogpost, we therefore move beyond the spontaneous restaurant visits, to give you tips for finding a table for New Year. Many restaurants are already fully booked, but if you still haven't planned your evening, here are 20 restaurants that have created excellent new year menus for you to enjoy the last day of the year in the best way possible.

Postpone the Christmas planning for a few days and spend some time securing a table at one of the many good restaurants that are open on New Year's Eve. When that's done, you just need to buy some delicious alcohol for the after-party, and then New Year's Eve is in place. Most restaurants close around 23.00, but we have also found a few where it is a possibilty to continue your party after midnight. Either way, we promise you a lot of delicious New Year menus out there that can give you a good start on the last night of the year 🥂 🎉


But seriously, you need to hurry. We are not the only ones who have had this idea, which is why many places are already fully booked. But you're in luck, because we've done a little detective work and found 20 great restaurants that still have open tables.

Champagne flasker


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Join a blast of a New Year's party at Bæst. They serve a festive New Year's dinner including wine and good atmosphere.

You can kick back, eat, drink and enjoy the most festive evening of the year, while they guide you through a flow of delicious dishes in the best BÆST style. Their sommelier has provided fantastic natural wines to match the food.

After dinner, the bar opens up where you can enjoy a cocktail while the DJ will play delicious tunes, so that everyone can shake off the past years. The whole package costs DKK 1,950.


They will show Her Majesty the queen of Denmark’s New Year’s eve speech on a screen. Please book your ticket for 17.45 if you want to see it.

  • The dinner is booked either at 5.45 pm if you want to see the speech or else at 19.00.

  • Dinner ends no later than 00.00 where they welcome the New Year and toast in a glass of bubbly.

  • After dinner, some of the tables are cleared away so that there is room for dancing.

  • The party continues from 00.00 – 03.00.

Aperitif and snacks

New Year's Menu

Wine menu during dinner

Filtered water with fizzy water

Filter coffee or tea

"Ricciarelli" - an Italian tradition by midnight

1 glass of bubbles at 00.00

Entrance to Beast New Year's party with DJ



Celebrate New Year's Eve in the heart of Frederiksberg Have, when they set the tables and invite you inside for New Year's on the farm. Food is pampered in the kitchen with their very special New Year's menu, so you can end the year in style. You can book a table for either 18.30 or 19.00. It's goodbye and thank you at 22.45.

The menu is DKK 1,750 per person.

Price incl. wine menu is DKK 2,750.


Oysters - yuzu

Caviar - smoked cheese

Oxtail - ponzu



Turnips - bergamot - lemon verbena Scallops X.O - carrot - finger lime



Egg yolk potato - smoked butter - caviar



Miso - morel - truffle jus



Oolong tea - honey - unique 30 Petit four & coffee/tea


The classic FASANGAARDEN Wreath Cake



Gemini is next door to the Planetarium and you can enjoy your New Year's menu here in beautiful surroundings with windows facing Sankt Jørgens lake. Dinner is from 18.00, the restaurant closes at 23.00. The entire New Year's menu can be had for DKK 995. In addition, you can buy a wine menu for DKK 625. Go with the exclusive wine pairing for DKK 1,175.


Oysters with mussel cream and dill oil

Crustade with chicken liver cream and blackcurrants

Deep-fried panisse with crab, lime and lovage



Apple, cucumber and bitter salads



Grilled spring onions and frothy mushroom sauce



Sautéed leek and fluffy langoustine biqsque



Glazed beets from Kiselgården and pepper sauce



Lemon meringue tart with yogurt sorbet and fresh herbs



In Nørrebro, Kiin Kiin welcomes you to a New Year's evening with a Thai gourmet dinner. Reservation is possible at 18.00 or at 19.00 and the restaurant closes at 23.00. A vegetarian menu is also possible - see more on their website. Food + wine menu for DKK 2,600 per person.



 Red Snapper pickled garlic / Soya meringue with cashew /

Miang kam / Kai Toon Miso / Massaman Croquette / Chicken satay / King crab salad

  A glass of J. Charpentier Champagne extra brut


​Duck soup sausage larb soy-glaced duck tongue

Grüner Veltliner, Kamptal Hiedler / Fresh apple juice

New Year's scallop Thai style

Spicy Scallop Salad, Fermented Tomatoes, Pickled Tomatoes, Tomato Juice

Riesling, Peter Lauer Mosel / Tomato passion fruit juice 


Langoustine Yellow Curry, Avocado Purée with Lychee

Deutz demi-sec champagne, France / Chilled Jasmine tea

Tom Ka coconut soup with foie gras and lemon grass pickled mushrooms and black truffles 

Chateau d’Esclan Rosé, Provance, Frane  / Ginger lemonade


Crispy Pork Belly, Fried Shallot, Pickled Onion, Garlic Purée, Thai Basil & Jasmine rice 

Shiraz, Maclaren Vale, Australia/ Fresh grape juice

Funnel Cake with Banana Ice cream
Palomino, Pedro Ximenez, Jerez, Spain / Coconut rose juice

Coffee/tea with petit four - cognac/liquer


With Koefoed's location in the inner city, it's easy to find a place where you can celebrate the New Year, after the restaurant has sent you off with their take on a New Year's menu. Seating is either at 17.00 or 19.30. The restaurant closes at 23.00, where they wish all guests a fantastic New Year. The menu is DKK 1,599. Menu & 5 glasses of wine for DKK 2,299.

Koefoed signatur ” Sol over Gudhjem ”

Oysters, longpepper & grilled lemon

Caviar, crepé & cremefraiche

Gougeres with black truffle & ¨Koefoed charcuterie¨


Scallop, cucumber & frozen dill

Lobster, artichoke & sauce beurre blanc

Squab Royal, morels & Jus

Veal, black truffle & red wine sauce

Bornholm and other Danish cheeses with compote & honey ( Extra dish 120,- )

¨Bornholm ice cream cake¨

Black currants, cocoa & meringue


Restaurant Frank has been extremely popular since they opened their doors, and New Year's Eve is no exception, so hurry up and book your table before it's sold out. Enjoy an exquisite dinner before continuing the party in the city. You get a total package for DKK 2,200 which consists of 9 servings, 1 glass of champagne + 5 glasses of wine menu. To that, coffee & wreath cake, as well as water with or without soda ad libitum. The 9 servings are as follows:


White anchovy and eggs on toast    
Salt 'n vinegar sunchoke chips, onion and creme fraiche double    
Tostada, skav shrimp, mandarin, and capers    
Scallop, pickled hokaido, ponzu, and brown butter    
  Tuna tatare, piquillo pepper, unripe peach, and lardo    
  Grilled pointed cabbage, champagne beurre blanc, and bleek roe    
  Beef ribeye, eggplant, and miso bearnaise    
  Grapefruit granita, peach liquer, and olive oil    
  Espresso cake, pedro ximenez caramel, and black sugar ice cream    
  Wreath Cake 
  Champagne og 5 glasses of wine    
Water and coffee    




Here, we start the evening either at 17.45 in the Kanalens Annex with a glass of Champagne and toasts with Queen Margrethe for the New Year's speech. Alternatively, you can arrive after the Queen's speech from 18.00 in the restaurant, where we offer champagne with snacks, followed by a 4-course menu with accompanying wines. The evening ends with us toasting the new year with more champagne and wreath cake, before saying goodbye at the latest at 00.30. If you want to toast the New Year at home or somewhere else, we offer half a bottle of champagne per person. 2 guests and the wreath cake "to go".

The price for all of it is DKK 2,123.



Oysters with soy tapioca and white kimchi

Potato waffle with truffle and serrano ham


Scallops with winter leek, blanquette sauce and caviar


New Year's cod "a la Kanalen"


"Tournedos Rossini" potato rösti, fried foie gras, truffle sauce flavored with Madeira


Panna cotta with bread tuile and milk chocolate


Join us for a New Year's party with a view of the city at Restaurant Trio. Experience Copenhagen from the 10th floor at the top of Axel Towers on New Year's Eve! Trio offers a New Year's event in a special class with a signature menu, customized wine menu and champagne and wreath cake at 00.00. Arrival between 18.00-19.30. The price is DKK 3,500. The cocktail bar is open until 01.00, where it is possible to purchase additional cocktails, drinks, wine and champagne.


Trio's New Year's cocktail on arrival

Tasting menu 7 servings

Customized wine menu

Mineral water with soft drinks ad libitum

Coffee/tea with sweet

Champagne and wreath cake.


The menu:

Potato with Oscietra Caviar

Lobster with "Aguachile"

Scallop with pear & white currants

Octopus with trout roe & wasabi

Cauliflower with truffle & walnut

Roe deer with beetroot & smoked marrow

Coconut with pomelo & sesame



The four well-visited restaurants in Nørrebro, NV and Vesterbro respectively, by the same owner, also end the year with a nice New Year's menu at a nice price. In all 4 places, you can have your New Year's dinner for only DKK 850. Hurry up to book, they are usually fully booked quickly. There are different menus, so choose your favorite and book your table for you and your New Year's party.


Oysters with apple vinaigrette

Oysters with grilled green tomato salsa

Champagne from Henriet Bazin, blanc de noirs, grand cru

Gyoza, lobster, mushroom bouillon and lemon thyme

Steamed linguine, gooseberries, wasabi cream, glass cabbage and crispy bread

Vol au vent, lobster américaine, brussels sprouts and pearl onions

Grilled plum, currant glace, caramelized celeriac & sauce bordelaise,

with potato puree & spiced butter

Chocolate sorbet, fresh cheese and blueberries

Additional purchase of cheese NOK 95

Sainte-Maure de Touraine, Tomme des Croquants, with rose hip compote & nut bread



Champagne from Henriet Bazin, blanc de noirs, grand cru

Gillardeau oyster, orange, habanero and apple

Tuna tartar, ponzu, tomato & tostadas Ravioli with lobster,

Thai basil & bisque Steamed long, baked shallots, fried buckwheat and parmesan sauce

Stuffed quail with pommes anna and chicken sauce

Radicchio, shallot, parsley & mustard vinaigrette

Add-on DKK 95: 24 months comte, fourme d'ambert,

strawberry and rhubarb compote & shortbread

Gateau marcel & orange sabayonne


Fried oysters & tartar sauce

Oysters natural & lemon

Champagne from Henriet Bazin blanc de noirs, grand cru

Tarte tatin with onion, anchovies & bitter salad

Lobster timbale & bisque

Fried monkfish on the bone, smoked fish potato compote & tarragon

Stuffed quail, mushrooms, lardo, chicken gravy & fried palm cabbage

Cherry sorbet & chocolate ice cream ​



Champagne from Henriet Bazin, blanc de noirs, grand cru

Gillardeau oysters & mignonette

Salted hake, spicy mango, sesame & coriander

Fried lobster, cauliflower, hazelnut, dill & bisque

Fried scallop, Jerusalem artichoke, chervil & beurre blanc

Iberico wellington, pommes puree, tarragon & sauce bordelaise

Additional purchase of cheese NOK 95 Comte 30 months, brillat savarin, shortbread & rose hip

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate cremeaux & olive oil


Celebrate your New Year's Eve at VEVE with a vegetarian New Year dinner. You can choose to start dinner at 18.00 or 19.00 and the restaurant closes at 23.00. Menu incl. drinks are DKK 1,950 per person.



A glass of Champagne J.Charpentier Reserve Brut

Cassava chips with truffle dip

Beetroot candy

Mushroom tartlet

Cauliflower, tahini and walnuts

Sunchoke, pomelo and seaweed

VeVe ceviche



Walnut bread, baguette, butter, oil

Zucchini, green tomato and preserved lemon

Onion, turnip, and coconut

Mushrooms, kombu and white truffle

Potato, Mizuna and salad

Soul food

Sea Buckthorn, Pumpkin & Garam Masala

Celery, miso, apple


Still and sparkling water Coffee/tea with petit fours



Enter the new year well at the popular Salon in the inner city. They look forward to welcoming you between 18.00 and 19.00 for a fantastic evening. They ring in the New Year at midnight with some bubbles and sweets, and say thank you for this year and thank you for tonight. Price for menu is DKK 1,250. Choose the menu including wine menu and water for DKK 2,500.




Gougères with truffle

Hamachi, finger lime & fresh wasabi

Poached oysters, mussel emulsion & caviar

Danish black lobster, sauce blanquette & crispy potato

Mushroom avioli, parmesan, morels & egg yolk

Steamed turbot, Champagne beurre blanc & Oscietra caviar

Pithivier a la Beef Wellington & truffle sauce

Champagne sorbet Mont Blanc, chestnut & vanilla



Look forward to a festive New Year's Eve at Dumpo, where the kitchen puts together a fantastic New Year's menu and ensures that you enter the new year with great taste. Exclusive New Year's menu: - 10 servings - Champagne - 3 glasses of wine menu - Water ad libitum - all for DKK 995 per person. The menu is fixed and changes cannot be made without prior agreement with the restaurant. The event closes at 23:00, when we send you on safely.



Champagne Blinis & lobster

White wine

Malt chips & smoked roe

Cup Duroc pork croquettes

Sourdough bread with salted butter



White wine

Poached halibut - cauliflower & clam

Tartar - truffle & basil



Red wine

Potato - caramelized onion & tarragon

Beef tenderloin - celeriac & garlic hollandaise



Hazelnut parfait - pear & quince



Brasserie Kontrast is located in the popular Villa Copenhagen, so if you are quick, you can combine your New Year's dinner with a luxurious hotel experience. A New Year's Eve at Brasserie Kontrast costs DKK 2,060. The evening offers a welcome in the Courtyard at 17.00 and the Queen's New Year's speech at 18.00, where oysters, olives and Villa's salted nuts are served with an Ayala Brut Majeur Champagne. Dinner in Contrast at 18.30, where the menu is as follows:


Caviar topped blinis, creme fraiche and chives

Beetroot dug salmon tartar on crispy tart

Truffle Gougères with Gruyere

2016 Filep Furmint, Tokaj, Hungary



Half a lobster, butter brioche, fennel, herbs and fresh cheese from Søtofte

2022 Awatere Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, NZ



Ravioli, pumpkin and champagne sauce with Kalix roe

2021 Grüner Veltliner, Handwerk, Dominique Stagård, Kremstal, Austria



Herb rolled beef tenderloin, Danish mushrooms, red wine sauce and potato-truffle Dauphinoise

2020 Occhetti Nebbiolo d'Alba, D.O.C. Prunotto Estate, Piedmont, Italy



Dark chocolate mousse cake, hazelnut crumble, orange-sea buckthorn jelly and pistachio ice cream

2019 Ximenez Spinola Delica Cosecha Bodegas Ximenez-Spinola, Jerez, Spain

(Wreath cake packed to take away)



Have a memorable experience that embraces nature to experience beauty, taste and emotion. A surprise menu will be revealed on the evening as part of their concept, where the finest local ingredients are transformed by the creative chef Valerio Serino. A 4-hour experience that starts at 18.30 and ends at 22.30. A full experience including welcome drink, wine or non-alcoholic pairing, coffee or tea. Price DKK 4,000.



Gorda was founded by Gonzalo and Luciano, two Argentine friends and chefs with a shared passion for reimagining local cuisine. Drawing from their extensive experience in kitchens across South America and Europe, they embarked on a mission to create a welcoming place that showcases the vibrant flavors of Latin American cuisine. Enjoy your New Year's Eve with this exquisite menu at a price of DKK 750.



Oysters - green gazpacho and a glass of bubbles
Cheese bread - chili butter
Crab croquette
Arepa - queso fresco - trout roe
Seafood ceviche
Tuna tostada
Argentinean rib eye - blue potatoes - chimichurri
Dulce de leche flan - vanilla cream -almonds
Petit four


This year, they have put together 2 different solutions at NÆRVÆR, where the food is the same, but you can choose between 2 different wine menus. A menu with good wines that the people at NÆRVÆR know very well and which are matched to the food, or a wine menu where they have been in the cellar and dig a little deeper for the more experimental wine.

Total price:

Wine menu 1: DKK 1,895.

Wine menu 2: DKK 2,195

Non-alcoholic wine menu: DKK 1,495.



Oysters w/ ginger & lemon

Crab w/ crab filling & consommé

Beef Tartar w/ Egg Yolk

Smoked eel w/ potatoes

Lobster tartare w/ deep-fried prawns, green tomatoes & lobster oil

Cod w/ clam sauce & elderflower

Beef tenderloin w/ mashed potatoes a la PRESENCE & red wine sauce

1 Danish cheese "snowflake" w/ hazelnuts

Chocolate Cremeuse w/ orange & brandy

Wreath cake macarons w/ chocolate & marzipan


Wreath cake etc. served approx. 23.45, so that the accompanying champagne can be enjoyed seated or outside when the fireworks start at 00.00 with Nyhavn and the water in the background. From 00.00 – 01.00 There will be the option of coffee or tea, and the bar is open if you want to buy a cocktail or avec. At 01.00 NÆRVÆR says goodbye and says

Happy New Year to everyone.



The Cofoco group will be open for the New Year at several of their restaurants, including Delphine, which we have chosen to highlight here. If you would like to end 2023 in style, you can safely leave the planning of New Year's Eve here. The New Year's menus are already ready, and they have selected wonderful wines that go perfectly with the dishes. The entire package is thus planned in advance, so you only have to think about who you would like to sit at the table with and what you should wear. The New Year's dinner is enjoyed from 18:00 to 23:00, from where you continue on to your planned destination to jump into 2024. You can also choose to stay for the New Year's party at Delphine after dinner. All for DKK 1,700.

The dishes are served Family style, and there is also a vegetarian version which can be found on their website.


Pickled olives Gillardeau Oysters with salted lemon, cucumber & green chilli

Baccala salted cod & pickled caper shoots

Crispy crustacean taramasalata spread with cod roe & trout roe

Grilled lobster with parsley & garlic

Scallop crudo with lemon, marjoram, olive oil & pine nuts

Crudo of tuna with caper vinaigrette, parsley & red chilli

Grilled ribeye with tzatziki & herb butter

Green salad with pistachios, lemon & mint

Delphine Sundae with Greek yogurt sorbet, peach sorbet & candied pistachios

Coffee & petit fours


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