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If you're reading this post, it's probably because you've already heard of FirstServed. You may even have downloaded the app because you thought; what a great idea, I might need it one day. In this post, we will give you a little reminder of some of the situations where our service especially can be useful to you.

We have chosen two situations to elaborate below, where we think FirstServed can be of help to you. We call them:


  • “The after-work drink situation” 

  • “The late-home-from-work situation”  


If you ask us, we will of course say that you should use FirstServed every time you spontaneously decide to go out to eat. As well as for inspiration for all the planned nights out. But we know that we need to be a little more modest, and we have therefore chosen the following two situations that most of us regularly find ourselves in. 



Finally, it's Friday afternoon and you can get out of the office to meet your friends for a long overdue drink. It's been a busy week and you really need that drink.  


Fast forward two hours and the one drink has been accompanied by three more. You feel good, really good, and you wish you could just stay like this forever. But you sense a sneaking feeling of hunger emerging, and you know that this means that it’s probably time to break up the group and head home.


But you really feel like continuing the evening (and the drinking), so you suggest to your friends that you find a place and go out to eat. Your friends are quick to jump onboard, but then the question emerges - where to find a table on a Friday evening at this time?

Spontaneous Dining

Quickly your lightheaded feeling is replaced by a reality check, because you know that you can now spend the next hour checking the booking systems at numerous restaurants, only to find that they are all fully booked.


But then you remember the FirstServed app, you downloaded a couple months ago. You quickly put yourself on the waiting list to a handful of places, order another drink and wait for a notification that a table has opened up.

Remember that the more restaurants you choose, the greater the chance of getting a table.

Waiting list FirstServed



It’s Wednesday at 17:30 and you can finally leave work after way too long a day. On your way home, you stop by the supermarket to shop for tonight’s dinner, but you find yourself walking up and down the aisles completely empty of ideas of what to make.


Actually, you really don’t feel like cooking. No, instead you deserve to just kick back with a glass of wine and let somebody else serve you. So you call your partner and ask if you should go out instead, and this is quickly adopted!


But now the next problem emerges. Where to find an open table? So, instead of walking the supermarket aisles looking for something to cook, you now find yourself picking your brain to remember which restaurants to check for an available table. For some reason, you can never seem to remember more than a couple of places when you really have too. And of course, they are fully booked. 

You are about to give up, but fortunately remember the FirstServed app, where you can find restaurants with open tables today. You hurry to download the app and find several restaurants with open tables. The evening has been saved and you will soon find yourself sitting at a restaurant with a glass of wine, waiting for your first dish to be served.

Open tables FirstServed

If you have not already done so, remember to download our app here:

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