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So don’t worry, there are still plenty of possibilities for satisfying your craving for good food - despite the restrictions.

It’s certainly not easy running an app with the purpose of helping people find a spontaneous restaurant table, in these Corona restriction times. 


But who are we to complain? We can only imagine how tough it must be for the restaurants, once again taking the hardest blow. We really hope that this is the last time.


As you surely already know, due to the current restrictions on the business, a large number of the Copenhagen restaurants have decided to shut down completely until the restrictions have come to an end. We totally get that. It must be extremely difficult making ends meet when you have to stop serving alcohol at 22:00 and kick out your guests at 23:00. In practice, this means they can only do one seating pr. evening.


Luckily, there are still a group of places that have chosen to keep fighting and stay open, hoping that enough of us will support them. 


So isn’t that exactly what we should do? We definitely think so. And if you agree, we have done some research and found the following 25 restaurants in Copenhagen that are still open in January, despite the restrictions. 


Then it’s only up to you to pick your favorite(s) and start booking.

Restaurant Anarki København
Restaurant Frederikshave København

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