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We have all tried it. We hear about an app that can somehow make our lives easier or better. We hurry to download, with all intentions to start using it. A year later, the app does nothing but take up space on our phone's memory, along with all the other apps you never use.  


Maybe FirstServed is just one of these apps on your phone. If so, we do not blame you. It has been pretty quiet on the restaurant scene the last few years, so of course you have not needed our service.  


But those days are over (hopefully forever). And the restaurant scene is back in full swing. You have probably discovered this when you have tried to book a table on a Friday or Saturday night. It's difficult, right? But do not despair, FirstServed is still here and we are ready to help. In fact, we have spent the quiet period improving and developing, so that we can now in all modesty offer you a rather impressive list of features in our app.  


Check them out!


Our OPEN TABLES feature is the whole idea that FirstServed originated from, and this is also where you start when you open the app.  


Here, FirstServed shows you which restaurants have open tables today. We send you directly to the restaurant's booking system, where you book the table, exactly as you are used to. It's that simple.  


At FirstServed we are working hard to get as many good restaurants on the app as possible, so that at any given time, our list of open tables will be pretty extensive, giving you a good list of options to choose from. 


There is only one small “but”. Your reaction time is of course important. The faster you react to an open table, the bigger your chance is to get it. That’s the part we can’t do for you. It's first come, first served.

FirstServed app



In short, our waiting list function is for those who do not bother to check the "OPEN TABLES" list regularly, but instead wish to receive a notification when a table has become available at one or more specific restaurants at a specific time.  


You might say that this function is for when you have a slightly more concrete opinion about the restaurant(s) you want to visit and what time you want the table. All you have to do is choose how many guests you are and in what time frame you want to arrive. Then choose one ore more restaurants you want to visit by enabling the waiting list.  


FirstServed will send you a message as soon as a table becomes available at one of your chosen restaurants, within the time frame you have selected. From there, we will once again send you directly to the restaurant's booking system, where you can book the table.

There may be more people on the waiting list who also receive the message of an open table. So hurry up and book!

It's first come, first served.


The more restaurants you choose, the greater the chance of finding an open table today.




Finally, we have our list of restaurants. In addition to signing up for the waiting lists for the day, you can use this list to explore some of the best restaurants in Copenhagen. Here you can find inspiration for your next dining experience - weither it being planned or spontaneous.


The team behind FirstServed are passionate restaurant goers and former restaurant owners, why you can easily put your faith in us. We only work with restaurants where we can vouch for the quality. So next time you feel like going out to eat, why not open the FirstServed app and get great inspiration from our list? 

All in all, some pretty cool features, right? But do not take our word for it, try them yourself. Like so many other new things, the hardest part is always taking the first step and trying it out. Then one often thinks, why did I not do this before...

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